Stop an Irrigation Leak in 4 Easy Steps

A leak in your irrigation system can be scary. Whether the leak is gushing water or just a few trickles from a sprinkler head, it can cost you money and waste resources.


Georgia counties and municipalities require that every sprinkler system has a Backflow Preventer.  This device keeps your irrigation water from mixing back in with your home’s water.  It is commonly called a “shutoff valve” or “irrigation shutoff”.

How to stop most irrigation leaks in 4 easy steps:

  1. Locate your backflow preventer (irrigation system shutoff).  Your home’s water main will be located in a box in the ground near the street.  The BP should be in its own box within 3 feet of the water main.
  2. Open the lid on the backflow preventer box.
  3. Pull the lever or turn the handle to turn off the water.
  4. Contact Rainman Irrigation to fix the cause of the leak.  You can call us at 404-805-8495 or request service online.  Ask for a Water Loss Letter to provide to your water company to show that the leak has been fixed (they will often discount your water bill).

Note: If your system is missing a backflow preventer, or needs a new one, you’ll have to shut off your water main to stop a leak – which will also turn off the water to your home. Contact us to repair the leak and/or install a backflow preventer for you.  We do our best to arrive within 48 hours for all rushing water emergencies.